Dobson Ranch Golf Course

Discover the success story of our collaboration with the historic Dobson Ranch Golf Course, showcasing how SmashersON Media's tailored marketing, web development, and production solutions significantly elevated and transformed their business.

UI Design, Website Development, Marketing

Revolutionizing The Golf Experience at Dobson Ranch Golf Course


Dobson Ranch Golf Course, a popular destination for golf enthusiasts, faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive market while providing affordable alternatives for summer golfers. Through a comprehensive strategy involving UI Design/Web Development, Paid Ad Marketing, Social Media Management, Local List Mapping, Graphic Design/Branding, and Professional Level Production, Dobson Ranch Golf Course achieved remarkable success.

The Problem:

In the midst of thriving business levels and heightened demand, The Ranch faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive market. The goal was to showcase the distinctiveness of The Ranch while maintaining continuous awareness and engagement. Additionally, with the rising costs of golf, there was a need to provide an affordable and enjoyable alternative for the Summer Golfer.

1. UI Design/Web Development:

Objective: Enhance digital presence and user experience.

Strategy: Transitioned from Squarespace to WordPress with a fresh redesign using Elementor Page Builder, ensuring a visually appealing and SEO-optimized website.

Results: Increased website engagement, improved SEO rankings, and a seamless user experience, establishing Dobson Ranch Golf Course as a digitally competitive entity.

2. Paid Ad Marketing:

Objective: Capture market attention with strategic promotions.

Strategy: Implemented targeted paid ad campaigns to showcase unique content and affordable alternatives, driving traffic and increasing Dobson Ranch's visibility.

Results: Elevated brand awareness, heightened customer interest, and increased bookings, solidifying Dobson Ranch Golf Course as a top choice in the golfing community.

3. Social Media Management:

Objective: Maintain continuous awareness and engagement.

Strategy: Crafted compelling content and executed strategic social media campaigns to foster community engagement and highlight Dobson Ranch's unique offerings.

Results: Increased social media following, improved brand loyalty, and sustained customer engagement, positioning Dobson Ranch as a socially active and customer-centric golf destination.

4. Local List Mapping:

Objective: Establish Dobson Ranch Golf Course as a top local destination.

Strategy: Leveraged local list mapping to strategically position Dobson Ranch as the go-to golfing spot, targeting the local community and emphasizing its unique features.

Results: Heightened local visibility, increased foot traffic, and enhanced community recognition, making Dobson Ranch Golf Course a prominent choice among local golf enthusiasts.

5. Graphic Design/Branding:

Objective: Revamp brand identity and capture market attention.

Strategy: Redesigned Dobson Ranch's branding elements, including logos and visual assets, to create a cohesive and visually appealing brand image that stood out in the competitive golf market.

Results: Enhanced brand recognition, improved market perception, and a refreshed brand image, contributing to Dobson Ranch's competitive edge.

6. Professional Level Production:

Objective: Create engaging and unique content.

Strategy: Produced high-quality videos and multimedia content showcasing Dobson Ranch's facilities, events, and golfing experience to captivate the audience.

Results: Increased online engagement, positive feedback on content, and a boost in customer interest, solidifying Dobson Ranch Golf Course as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.


Through a strategic combination of UI design, marketing, branding, and content creation, Dobson Ranch Golf Course successfully revolutionized its golfing experience, standing out in a competitive market and establishing itself as a top choice for golf enthusiasts. The comprehensive approach resulted in increased customer engagement, heightened brand awareness, and sustained success in the golfing community.