SmashersON Driving Range

Dive into our success story with SmashersON Driving Range, where SmashersON Media's tailored marketing and web solutions fueled transformative growth. Explore the case study for insights into how we elevated their brand and fostered strategic success.

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Transforming SmashersON Range into the Ultimate Golf Destination


SmashersON Range faced the challenge of maximizing bay occupancy through strategic promotions, events, and leagues. The goal was to position itself as the premier destination, emphasizing its three key pillars - a state-of-the-art driving range, an alternative to traditional golf, and an entertainment and event center.


To address the soaring cost of golf and attract the Summer Golfer, SmashersON Media crafted a targeted content strategy showcasing the technological prowess and quality of the range experience. The focus was on portraying SO Range as the ideal choice for golf enthusiasts with limited time, resources, energy, or skill, appealing to various demographics and age groups.


SmashersON Media executed a multifaceted approach, leveraging targeted ads and promotions featuring limited-time offers. These included punch cards, one-time offers, raffle events with bounce-back passes, and engaging contests. The content emphasized the unique features of Inrange, highlighting its practice mode, multiplayer options, and bay-vs-bay experiences.


The "Year of the Golf Nerd" campaign was a standout success, positioning SmashersON Range as the go-to destination for golf enthusiasts seeking the best clubface and downrange data. Leveraging social media and LinkedIn, SmashersON Media successfully marketed Open Leagues post-Inrange installation, with a focus on custom leagues tailored to specific days and times.


Through a strategic blend of digital marketing, targeted promotions, and compelling content creation, SmashersON Media played a pivotal role in transforming SmashersON Range into the ultimate golf destination. The campaign not only increased bay occupancy but also fostered a community of passionate golfers, solidifying SmashersON Range's reputation as the best in the market.